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Hydro Vac Services

Hydro Vac Services

Locating and exposing utilities and services in Southern Ontario from Niagara to the greater Toronto are can be risky. The ground beneath our feet in this area contains a vast and complicated infrastructure of services. These can be very congested in places and so excavating in and around these services requires precision, skill, and caution.

Vacuum excavation is the new preferred way to locate and expose Ontario's infrastructure. Using special tools like our Hydro-Vac makes excavating and trenching more safe, more precise, and results in little or no site damage. The operators of the Hydro-Vac use high pressure water to loosen the soils while vacuuming the loosened debris at the same time.

If you have a tricky excavation on your to-do list, give us a call. We'll save your site and maybe even save your life!

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