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Open Cut Trenching

Open Cut Trenching

There are still many occasions when vacuum excavation or horizontal directional drilling are not a viable option. Open cut trench excavation is still the most popular method for field drainage, sewer lateral , water main construction, repair or maintenance. This traditional method can also be less expensive than trench less methods (when services are not located under paved surfaces). Open cut trenching is the method of choose for collapsed pipe, severely broken pipe, and/or heavy root blockages.

Open cut trench method involves excavating down to the services needing repair. When the open cut trench excavation is located under asphalt or other paved surfaces the existing pavement must be saw cut and removed. Then the excavation needs to be filled with granular backfill (compacted stone or sand to prevent settlement), and the pavement must be replaced.

We have many years experience with this kind of trenching. Our team is fully equipped, skilled, and safe. We repair all damage done to the site as a result of the trenching, remove all debris from the site and leave it neat and clean. Hardly anyone would know we were even there.

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